Tin HIFI T3 Premium Single Knowles BA Single PU+PEK Dynamic Hybrid driver InEar Earphones, CNC-machined metal design, detachable gold-plated OFC SPC MMCX cables


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Product Description

The Tin HIFI T3 – Listen and Enjoy Music Every day. The Tin HIFI T3 is guaranteed to provide you an exceptional and enjoyable musical experience, all day, every day. Housed in brushed CNC-machines all metal shells that not only feels premium but also built with extensive quality control to guarantee top-notch build quality. The 1.25m 5N 8core oxygen free copper (OFC) Silver-Plated cable that comes stock with the Tin HIFI T3 gives it a clean and noise-free sound and the herringbone braid assures a hassle-free storage and on-the-go usage.

1.IMPRESSIVE SOUND QUALITY: With a single Knowles Balanced Armature and Single PU+PEK Dynamic driver configuration, the Tin HIFI T3 presents sibilant-free high frequency, great bass performance while still providing accurate sounding midrange. The Tin HIFI T3 continues to build on the excellent sound performance made by the massively acclaimed Tin HIFI T2 and T2 Pro.
2.SOLID METAL BUILD: With the use of the industry leading CNC-machined all metal earphone body housing with pinpoint precision and accuracy assembly. The Tin HIFI T3 is ideal to satisfy your daily dose of audiophile quality sound with a peace of mind that it won’t break anytime soon.
3.NUMEROUS EAR TIP CHOICES: To guarantee the wide variety of ear sizes and shapes along with a preference for different ear tip materials, Tin HIFI T3 comes with numerous ear tip choices ranging from full foams to solid core silicon in various sizes to match everyone’s choices.
4.CUSTOMIZABLE: Sporting the all-reliable MMCX connectors and reinforced with gold plating. The Tin HIFI T3 gives the users the freedom to explore and discover much more adept sound signature by combining different cable options to ensure synergy with your audiophile equipment is uncompromised.


  • ACCURATE SOUND WITH GREAT SOUNDSTAGE: Designed to produce an accurate and refined sound signature by utilizing the technology of the included Knowles Balanced Armature along with a PU+PEK Dynamic diaphragm. Tin HIFI T3 will not only give an accurate sound but also unmatched soundstage at its price point
  • DUAL SIDE VENTS: To maximize the usage of the PU+PEK Dynamic diaphragm, Tin HIFI T3 made sure to go with an already tested design by adding not only one but two side vents to give the PU+PEK Dynamic diaphragm the much needed spatial ability to recreate the soundstage it was intended to produce
  • HIGH QUALITY 1.2M 5N 8CORE OFC SILVER-PLATED CABLE: The Tin HIFI T3 is supplied with a high quality 1.25m 5N 8core oxygen free copper (OFC) Silver-Plated cable which underwent stringent factory stress tests to ensure that it handles the most demanding of usage. The 5N 8core oxygen free copper (OFC) Silver-Plated cable was also carefully tested and observed to ensure that the full potential sound signature of the Tin HIFI T3 is achieved
  • XTREMELY COMFORTABLE FEEL: Retaining the trademark Tin HIFI design language, the Tin HIFI T3 guarantees an almost weightless and strain-free wearing experience coupled with the numerous ear tip options to achieve the best IEM seal, comfort and isolation so you can be alone with your music, anytime, anywhere
  • 12-MONTH WARRANTY: We at Tin HIFI are dedicated to give to utmost importance on our users’ satisfaction which is why we made sure to include a 12-MONTH limited warranty security for your audio investment, keep your mind and ease and focus on your audio sessions more!
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