Panasonic SC-UA3E-K 300 W Bluetooth Wireless Urban Audio System – Black


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Product Description


Wheres the party at?
Bring high quality music from your living room out into the world with you. Your stylish, active urban music life starts here with our new all-in-one box audio, UA3.


Its unique handle design and compact size make it great for bringing to parties. Powerful, clear sound from almost any source, from CDs to USB and Bluetooth devices. UA3 expands your musical horizons any way you want.

Room-filling sound enlivens the party

UA3 is designed to deliver sound over a broad range, even at crowded parties. The angle and placement of the four 4-cm tweeters (two on each side) and two 13-cm woofers were precision calculated for maximum sound clarity, producing room-filling expansive sound and creating a powerful yet balanced music experience you wouldn’t expect from such a small body.

DEEP BASS technology amps up the bass

The UA3 combines various technologies to create a more dynamic, powerful bass. The distinctive rear honeycomb structure enhances rigidity, while the trapezoid cabinet both adds rigidity to the structure and reduces unwanted resonance. The aerodynamic port reduces air noise, leading to a more powerful, clean bass.

Enhanced Sound Features

Honeycomb structure on back panel
A rear honeycomb structure increases rigidity for clearer bass. The interior partition has the same structure to enhance strength.

Aerodynamic Port

An aerodynamic port on the left and right optimises airflow by reducing turbulence for powerful, clean bass.

Trapezoid Cabinet

The Trapezoid Cabinet reduces standing waves and reflection while also enhancing solidity to reduce resonance.

Ideally balanced portability & design

The handle design
The handle on the face panel, one of the unique features of the


  • Room-filling sound
  • Full Karaoke
  • DEEP BASS technology amps up the bass
  • Enhanced Sound Features
  • Ideally balanced portability & design
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