HUKOER Projector Bracket und Ceiling Mount Bracket with Motorized Electric Lift


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Product Description


1, the appearance of the cabinet size: 350 × 300 × 120MM

2, self-weight (including the floor): 15KG (excluding packaging)

3, travel: 70CM (without claws, projectors, floor)

4, power consumption: 25W

5, load: 10KG (engineering machine load 20KG)

6, external power supply: AC220V50HZ

7, floor size: 48CM × 48CM high.

Model Number:1

DIY Supplies:Electrical



Standard or Nonstandard:Standard

Usage:Projector Bracket




Package Includes:

1. a subject 

2. a Conversion head


  • ▶Accurate positioning: This product is due to the use of electronic positioning cross-cutting, less slowdown electromagnetic brake design, product operation to achieve smooth, accurate positioning, positioning error control in the 2MM.
  • ▶ Low noise: This product has a modern people-oriented design with the internal model, in the motorized trip does not exceed 50 dB of sound waves.
  • ▶Centralized control panel: make this product easier to control.
  • ▶ Easy to design: beautiful and generous, unique shape rich personality.
  • ▶ Heavy load capacity (20KG): This product is not only accurate positioning, and in the load on the far more than similar products, high safety factor.
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